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Adele was highly recommended to me to work with as I have an ongoing Left hip issue which I normally resolve with chiropractic and psoas exercises.  Although these modalities relieve discomfort, I visited with Adele who asked me for a very detailed history and for a comprehensive treatment.

Throughout the visit, I was treated with kindness, sensitivity, and above all professionalism.  Her education serves her patients very well, as well as her kind demeanour.  Adele was very open-hearted with questions from me and extremely reassuring with managing my expectations as to what can be expected following the visit.  With her body scanning, she deduced several things about my hip complex which I did not get into, nor reveal any details but she treated the areas which she deduced were areas to be addressed.

As a result, based on my one visit, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my gait in that my hips move more equally.  I’m definitely returning to Adele for followup as what she does helps.

I visited Adele after several weeks of nausea, fatigue, and severe headaches. I had lost a lot of my range of motion in my neck too. Not only was her calm demeanour appreciated, but extensive knowledge made the sessions fascinating. We quickly learned that my body still held on to the trauma I had after a fall. She helped my body get back to its usual self. After two treatments, the nausea and headaches were gone. I can’t thank her enough for resetting my body, and I can finally resume freelance editing and dance class without pain.

For over 20 years I have been challenged with the painful and debilitating
symptoms of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s.  I
started Cranial Sacral Therapy and now enjoy pain-free mobility and enough
energy to enjoy full days of activity.  This I attribute to CST and Adele’s
healing hands.

After whiplash from a car accident, I saw Adele for cranial sacral therapy
and my headaches, heart palpitations and unbalanced equilibrium all improved
and I felt normal again!  She released the trauma… it was like night and
day!  I was blown away!

Before seeing Adele, my back was sore.  I had broken it 4 times throughout my life and I have had 2 MRI’s.  Some days I found it hard to get out of bed.  After seeing Adele, I jump out of bed and I feel great.  One amazing thing about Adele is that she was able to see that I had fogginess in my head, and not only did she identify it, she was able to get rid of it for me!  I feel amazing after seeing Adele.  I always recommend Adele to everyone I know!  She is amazing!

I suffered with stress-induced tinnitus for over two years and was so pleased to have discovered Adele at Connected Heart. As she helped my nervous system relax and repair, my tinnitus subsided substantially. It is now to the point where I can enjoy my life again without the loud buzzing. I have no doubt that in a few more sessions I will hardly notice it at all. Adele has a true calling for craniosacral therapy and is a skilled and caring practitioner.

Adele is a fantastic practitioner. Totally calmed me down and took away a lot of my anxiety and eased my tinnitus. In my darkest of times, seeing Adele brought a lot of light and hope into my life.