Tinnitus Update

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I wanted to share my recent success stories helping people with Tinnitus.  I have helped cure one person of sudden onset Tinnitus due to loud noise and recently I have helped another with ongoing Tinnitus due to stress.  I have been using techniques I learned at my Cranial Sacral program at Langara College as well as training videos on the subject.  It is important to note that calming down the nervous system is key to treating Tinnitus and that it usually can not be cured in a few treatments.  It can take up to 4 to 6 treatments before  bigger improvements are noticed.  Some Cranial Sacral practitioners will not treat Tinnitus unless there is a commitment of at least 6 treatments.  I only suggest this amount in order to give them the best outcome.  For some people, their Tinnitus is so loud that even a 25% or 50% improvement is very appreciated even if they aren’t 100% cured.  Being able to forget about it throughout the day can be a godsend  Even if I can’t cure all Tinnitus cases, I’m fairly confident I can improve the quality of people’s lives and I’m making Tinnitus a focus of my Cranial Sacral practice.

After recently completing SER2 in Oct 2023, I learned some new techniques that help with tinnitus and vertigo that I am incorporating into treatments. I will provide an update, in future, about client feedback on improvements.