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Colitis & CST

If you are suffering from colitis, cranial sacral might provide you with relief. I have recently helped someone by working on their colon. A very large release occurred that was very palpable to both myself and my client. The result was an 80% improvement in symptoms. Never underestimate the power of the human body to […]


Cranial Sacral can be very beneficial for those with constipation. Often not talked about due to embarrassment, this affects more of the population that we realize. It can be ongoing or intermittent but either way it can cause some pretty serious discomfort. Working with the low back, pelvis, sacrum, psoas and fascia is often the […]

Concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome

Cranial Sacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment that can be effective in relieving the symptoms of concussion and post concussion syndrome. The therapy focuses on the cranial sacral system, which consists of the bones, membranes, and cerebrospinal fluid that protect and support the brain and spinal cord. By working with this system, Cranial Sacral […]

Anxiety & PTSD

One of the best therapies to reduce anxiety is Cranial Sacral. It is excellent for calming down the nervous and taking people out of flight or fight and returning them to rest and relaxation. My clients who suffer from anxiety often tell me – after a treatment – that they have not felt that relaxed […]

Migraine Relief

Recently, I have helped a client who was getting 6-7 migraines over a two week period. After a few treatments, the frequency was reduced to 1 migraine in two weeks, I have helped several people who experience migraines in the past but it usually takes more than 2 treatments. Focusing on the sacrum is my […]

ICBC Coverage for Cranial Sacral

ICBC is now covering up to $1000 for Cranial Sacral Therapy. Due to the fact that I’m not a registered massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor; direct billing is not available. Receipts for treatments are submitted to ICBC for reimbursement. Update on ICBC Coverage: Further approval is now required and Cranial Sacral is listed under […]

Tinnitus Update

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I wanted to share my recent success stories helping people with Tinnitus.  I have helped cure one person of sudden onset Tinnitus due to loud noise and recently I have helped another with ongoing Tinnitus due to stress.  I have been using techniques I learned at my Cranial Sacral […]