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Migraine Relief

Recently, I have helped a client who was getting 6-7 migraines over a two week period. After a few treatments, the frequency was reduced to 1 migraine in two weeks, I have helped several people who experience migraines in the past but it usually takes more than 2 treatments. Focusing on the sacrum is my […]

ICBC Coverage for Cranial Sacral

ICBC is now covering up to $1000 for Cranial Sacral Therapy. Due to the fact that I’m not a registered massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor; direct billing is not available. Receipts for treatments are submitted to ICBC for reimbursement.

Tinnitus Update

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I wanted to share my recent success stories helping people with Tinnitus.  I have helped cure one person of sudden onset Tinnitus due to loud noise and recently I have helped another with ongoing Tinnitus due to stress.  I have been using techniques I learned at my Cranial Sacral […]