Migraine Relief

Recently, I have helped a client who was getting 6-7 migraines over a two week period. After a few treatments, the frequency was reduced to 1 migraine in two weeks, I have helped several people who experience migraines in the past but it usually takes more than 2 treatments. Focusing on the sacrum is my usual way to alleviate this pain but in this particular case I added rock & glide – a technique I learned at Langara College and Upledger Institute. I may not have spent as much time on rock & glide but the client expressed the benefits they experienced so I was keen to provide any relaxation for one who’s life had been put on hold during teen years and into adulthood.

I should add that most migraine sufferers, believe that working on the head, neck and shoulders are the only way to address migraines. It is a common misconception that causes confusion when Cranial Sacral therapists focus or even spend any time on the sacrum. Hopefully, this post can shed some light on alternative methods when helping to lessen the severity and frequency of migraines.