Vertigo & Tinnitus

At my recent Somato Emotional Release course in Edmonton at the end of Oct, I had the foresight to ask a TA if she had any tips for tinnitus. She happily replied that she did and demonstrated them on me. She mentioned these techniques also work for vertigo.

My tinnitus was particularly bad and I was having some trouble hearing at the course so I was grateful to receive some treatment for it. Immediately after, I noticed that my tinnitus went down by 50% and the buzzing went up and down in volume the rest of the day. It was a major relief.

Then I practiced these techniques on another student who heard what we were doing and asked for some help with tinnitus and rare bouts of vertigo. The Teachers Assistant walked me through it and said that you usually need to repeat them a couple of times and the tinnitus and vertigo go away.